How to Keep Hope Afloat

But Noah found favor with the Lord…  When everything was ready, the Lord said to Noah, “Go into the boat with all your family, for among all the people of the earth, I can see that you alone are righteous.—Genesis 6:8, 7:1, NLT

Boats have always served as vehicles of escape from judgment.  Since the time of Noah, refugees have sought liberation on board arks, barks, canoes, dinghies, rafts, and inner tubes.  Noah fled from the flood; Jonah, from the prospect of prophesying salvation to the enemies of his people; Jesus, to find rest from the press of the multitudes; Paul, to reclaim his right to appear before Caesar instead of facing assassination in Jerusalem.

In our times, cruel oppression has launched thousands of rafts.  Millions of people have considered violent seas and hungry sharks less dangerous than the flood of persecution that threatened to swallow them on their homelands.  Others have plunged into angry “rios grandes” without lifesavers to keep their dreams afloat.

Enter Noah onto the scene.  His drama was equally as moving as those of today’s immigrants.  His world sank, but the promise of God made his hopes bob up like a buoy. At the end of the storm, his righteousness shined like the dawn.  He found favor in the eyes of the Lord.  And you will too when you put your faith in God.

Copyright©2013 by Joseph L. Castleberry.;

Dr. Joseph Castleberry is President of Northwest University in Kirkland Washington.  He is the author of Your Deepest Dream:  Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life and The Kingdom Net:  Learning to Network Like Jesus.  Follow him on Twitter at @DrCastleberry and at


Acerca de Joseph Castleberry

A missionary to Latin America for 20 years, I currently serve as president of Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. I am the author of Your Deepest Dream (NavPress, 2012); The Kingdom Net: Learning to Network Like Jesus (Influence Resources, 2013), and The New Pilgrims: How Immigrants are Renewing America's Faith and Values.
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